from 19th hours
Entrantes / Vorspeisen / Starters
Breast and leg of truffled quail with snow peas salad
20 €
Tuna tartar “Trampo” with lemon mayonaise
20 €
Gratinated goat cheese with quince gelee, salad and old Balsamic
18 €
Lukewarm garden vegetables with yellow tomato mousse and parmesan
18 €
Pumpkin cream soup with Joselito ham
18 €
Beetroot soup with scallop praline
18 €
Main Courses
Parmesan risotto with green asparagus and confit cherry tomatoes
22 €
Homemade gorgonzola ravioli with walnut butter
25 €
Turbot fillet with gratineted tomatoes on sepia risotto
30 €
Dorade fillet with prawn on red pepper cream, aubergine puree and Pariser potatoes
Tender loin with foie gras, green asparagus and Rosemary potatoes
33 €
Braised lamb shoulder on celery puree and pearl barley risotto
30 €